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A piece of history and a witness to tradition: the MINGORI – Mini Flandre manual tube bending machine

We have recently recovered from a cabinet in the workshop, a true piece of history of our company and of tube bending technology.
It is a MINGORI manual tube bender, dating back to the 1960s. The equipment consists of aluminum bending matrices with different radii and diameters, as well as locking blocks. The tool set is completed by suitable bending cradles and mounting spindles.
A dive in our industrial origins, more than 50 years ago. Since then Scamer has been able to evolve by addressing the challenges that the market proposed from time to time, without however losing its identity and vocation as a “boutique” company, specialized in custom products with high added value.
Today, in full development, Scamer continues to invest in technologies and resources to bring its supply standards to the highest levels.



Scamer in the front row for the sustainability of Local Public Transport: components for natural gas and electricity supply.

Local public transport by road plays a fundamental role in the management of today’s mobility.
Updating this sector in a sustainable key is now a priority objective of the Public Administrations, which target vehicles with high performance levels and with low or no polluting emissions.
In Italy, LPT consists of 49,000 vehicles.
It is a substantial number of cars, with an average age of about 12.3 years per vehicle.
Natural gas, which is basically methane gas, both CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas), is also capable of generating a greater quantity of energy than normal fossil fuels.
Of course, each technology, be it methane or electric, is connected to the costs for creating specific power systems: lower for methane, higher for the electricity. Purchase price of vehicles is also lower for gas powered buses than electric ones.
Natural gas has very low-cost ratio km/carried passenger, perhaps more suitable for longer journeys, while the electric one has on its own totally zero emission operation.
Scamer is a reference supplier for this sector, strengthened by a consolidated professionalism thanks to relevant experience and long-lasting collaboration with some of the most important developers and producers of ecological vehicles, whether they are powered by natural gas or by batteries.


Re-start of operations

Scamer joins the numerous companies which are entitled to restart production during the so called Fase 2 of COVID-19 emergency. We shall enforce all necessary and mandatory safety measures as recommended by National Authorities. Meantime we carried out a complete disinfection of all working areas and re arranged working place layout in order to guarantee the correct parameters.
As from today May 4h, both our offices and production department are ready as usual to follow up your Orders and Questions


New arrivals in Scamer production machinery

Scamer cultivates its tailoring vocation by investing in the improvement of its production processes to best meet the customer’s needs. Even simple implementations, as in the case of the new Swagelok hydraulic unit, serve this purpose.
This new unit ensures a more efficient fittings pre-assembly operation whilst providing an improved and more consistent quality throughout all the batches produced. This particular aspect refers above all to the production of Bus pipes with CNG and natural gas supply. Last but not least, the implementation of this tool facilitates the operators’ handwork and the same time makes it considerably safer.


Exhibition Fornitore Offresi : let’s meet at our booth nr. 641 in Hall C

From 20th until 22nd February Scamer participate to the Metal District Days Exhibition and are looking forward to promote their skills and showcase their best know-how.
A good opportunity for us to find out and accept Markets’ new challenges while in the meantime finding the best solutions to our customers’ projects. Check out the venue and how easy it is to got there.